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Justin writing, producing, and starring on Broadway!!

Hello? Anybody there? *echo*

Hey there, I know this comm has been quiet a LONG time (heh, see what I did there?) but I've just been thinking lately how very very busy Justin is, and if he still has fans hanging around LJ, I figure people need to know!!

First of all, it's just been announced that Justin will be making his debut on Broadway on April 3rd!! I already have my tickets for a show in May and I'm ridiculously excited.

Also, what Justin was doing last week made me squee with excitement. I made a little picspam at my journal of him filming in Brooklyn for A Case of You, which he not only wrote and produced, but is also starring in! It's a production of Justin's new company in partnership with his brother Christian, I'm So Sorry Productions.

I post a lot about Justin at my journal actually, if anyone is interested in checking it out. Picspams, updates, about what it was like meeting him in September at TIFF - I'm even in the process of reviewing every last one of the movies in Justin's filmography - and I've just been wondering if anyone out there is interested in reading it but me!

I'd love to hear from ya in a comment if you're a fellow Justin fan who posts about him as well.

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