tunafor (tunafor) wrote in justinlongfans,

Justin Long need our help!

Justin Long need our help!

The fact is that some critics of Variety and The New York Times want to sabotage the last film of Justin Long, “Planet 51”. They´re giving the film such a bad punctuation that it could dissuade the public from going to the cinema and watch it.

I wanted to ask you for going into Yahoo Movies, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, MSN Movies, Moviefone & IMDB, in order to vote the movie positively . Our idol doesn´t deserve the audience make him feel unsuccesful only because some “snobs” decide it.

I don´t know if you already saw it, but my cousin and I were together and we really liked it, we were laughing the whole time, and Justin Long & Dwayne Johnson characters is really amazing.

Thanks for the attention and for your help!!!!!

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